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The Institute - Treatments




Through the paranormal Cristovão Brilho, Dr. Fyeer, a spiritual doctor, performs physical healings via spiritual surgeries / treatments with the sole use of a crystal and without any cutting or bleeding to the physical body.


Dr. Fyeer is a subtle manifestation from Optia who comes to Earth via Cristovão Brilho and has never incarnated on this planet. A quartz crystal links the energy of Dr. Fyeer with the energy of the person being treated.




 A highly demanded treatment that can be very profound and life changing since it has the capability of helping you with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, as well as with your personal goals.


This therapy is done in individual private sessions dealing with the person as a whole being and it is based on Cristovão identifying your personal symbols from your unconscious. In these sessions we can treat you on all levels. Be it your physical body by helping with the cure of existing illnesses or with the prevention of future illnesses, or your emotions, your spirituality, or your mind and intelligence.


Also, we will be working on expanding your consciousness and evolving you spiritually. This work creates no co-dependency and it can be done either in person or at a distance.


 The work is done with total respect to the person's limitations and nothing is done without the consent of the person's consciousness and spirituality. Sometimes many of our problems stem from the same source and once the source is addressed all of them can be resolved.


This therapy allows us to tap into the source or the origin. This work is not a miracle cure. This is a process and you need to be patient with yourself and give yourself the time you require to notice the differences. Time is something that cannot be predetermined by us since each person is an individual and works at its own pace. There will be a procedure that one must follow during the month in order to obtain the most from each session. How diligent you work at it can be the difference in how fast you can obtain your results.




In this circuit Cristovão Brilho identifies and evaluates existing negative energies in either a business or a residence.


After this evaluation Cristovão then individually and specifically programs crystal points to be strategically placed in the home or business with the intention of cleansing the existing energy and to protect against future negative energies attacking the location.


You will have a clean, balanced environment for one year and with energy which will support you in reaching your goals, such as: reduction of illnesses, increased productivity, protection from electro-electronic magnetic pollution, etc.





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Instituto Cristovao Brilho

2100 Coral Way Suite 605
Miami, FL  33145

Ph: (786) 295 8665