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The Power of Crystals





Stimulates and strengthens both body and mind; Gives the sensation of strength and courage; Facilitates the ability to discern the truth and accept circumstances; Powerful healer.


Chakras: according to the color of the stone



Calms the nerves; Reduces the retention of liquids; Strengthens the kidneys, liver, thyroid gland and spleen; Purifies the body; Increases mental alertness and creativity; Physical, emotional and mental balancing; Helps to chase away fears and phobias; Excellent for meditation; Brings inspiration, peace, serenity and love.


Chakras: Throat and Solar Plexuss



Increases internal and external regeneration; Has a positive influence on the nervous system, spleen and pancreas; Spiritual transformation and regeneration; Joy.


Chakras: Crownn




Calms the nervous system; Strengthens the heart and physical body; Brings joy and spiritual uplifting; Facilitates a clearer view of negative and self-destructive tendencies, making it easier to be free of them.


Chakras: Throat



Strengthens the endocrine and immunological system; Increases the activity of the right side of the brain; Increases the activity of the pituitary and pineal glands; Excellent for meditation; Cicatrizing; Calmative; strong protective qualities; Healing, inspiration and intuition.


Chakras: Third Eye and Crownn



Purifies the mental, emotional and ethereal bodies; Helps on relaxation, anxiety and fear; Stimulates the muscular tissue; Strengthens the blood; Brings emotional tranquility; Stimulates positive attitudes; Independence, health and well-being.


Chakra: Heart



Strengthens the blood; Facilitates meditation; Increases physical skills; Initiates transformations; Purifies the mental body; Inspiration, creativity and intuition.


Chakras: Third Eye and Throat


Orange Calcite

Balances the male/female polarities and the emotions; Excellent for studying science and art; Amplifies the energetic bodies Emerges the skill of transforming ideas into actions; Helps on memory; Alleviates skin and intestinal problems; Helps on tissues and bones healing.


Chakras: Navel



Regulates the thyroid gland functions; Reduces stress; Relaxing; Stimulates peace of mind; Stimulates truth and trust; Clear reasoning.



Chakras: Throat and Third Eye



Indicated for kidneys, colon, liver, bone marrow, digestive organs, heart and tissue regeneration; Detoxication of physical, emotional and mental bodies; Increases the body’s natural healing energy; Leads to a light heart, kindness and hope; Attracts prosperity.


Chakras: Navel and Crown



                 Energizes the blood; Acts on kidneys, liver, gallbladder and pancreas; Increases the regeneration of tissues; Stimulates socialization and pleasure.


                 Chakras: Navel, Solar Plexus and Heart



Helps to prevent ulcers, digestive problems and arthritis; Strengthens lungs and thyroid; Regulates the metabolism; Alleviates fear, blame and tension.


Chakras: Solar Plexus



Reduces neurotic patterns Fertility; Calmative; Promotes physical/mental bodies healing; Emerges inner talents Lightness on heart and joy.


Chakras: Heart



Rose Quartz

Acts on kidneys and circulatory system; Increases fertility; Facilitates sexual/emotional balance; Helps to undo hard feelings, blame, fear and jealousy; Reduces stress and tension; Helps on developing pardon, compassion and love; It is called the “Love Stone”.


Chakras: Heart



Acts on pancreas; Balances the endocrine system; Strengthens the metabolism and the lymphatic system; Alleviates fear; Calms and clears the mind; Slightly sedative.


Chakras: Throat and Third Eye


Black Tourmaline

Acts on endocrine system balancing; Helps on a good sleeping; Strengthens and vitalizes body/mind; Vanishes fear and negative states; Strong protective influence; Concentration and inspiration; Powerful healer.


Chakra: Root







The most commonly used crystal. Only one of its ends has the format of a pyramid, i.e. it only has one point. It can be used any time for any purpose.



Both its ends have the format of a pyramid, i.e. it has two points. It is extremely efficacious for interlinking chakras or people, and so moving energy in both directions.



 This crystal contains a shadow, a type of design symbolizing knowledge, inside of it. It is used for meditation and for seeking answers to your questions.



A block of crystals with many points, resembling a crown. Ideal for protecting the surrounding environment and for cleansing other crystals.



A crystal containing the colors of the rainbow inside of it. It activates the feeling of happiness and joy inside of one. A very good crystal to alleviate depression



Any crystal chosen by you to be with you always and ready to participate in your life at every level.



It is the crystal which enters and leaves your life suddenly. It indicates that a lesson will occur.



When a crystal breaks it is because it has captured and absorbed a type of energy which is incompatible with yours (negative energy). Depending on the degree of incompatibility, it will break a little or a lot. In this case, the crystal should be returned to nature, i.e. throw it into the sea, a river or a garden so that it can, after accomplishing its mission, re-establish itself and, who knows, protect somebody else.







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