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Long distance Healing (Cont.)


Request a healing now Distance healings for Personal Needs Cristovão can be with you spiritually to assist and guide you during any important decision that you need to make such as: a business or personal meeting, an appointment of any type, negotiations, exams, interviews, surgery, etc.



For this type of assistance Cristovão needs your name, the name of the person you will be having the appointment with, the name of the company, time of appointment and any other identifying information pertaining to the matter. Please give Cristovão at least 48 hrs advance notice. Healing can be effective anywhere in the world. Cristovão does not have to be with you physically in order for him to treat you or your problem. It does not matter where you are located in the world and they type of problem that you have….


Cristovão’s distant healings help you to feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The benefits of a long distant healing session are numerous and as varied as the issues that are presented for healing. Energy healing, is an ancient form of healing and it is a very powerful holistic healing methodology that is based on a coherent integration of heart, mind, body and soul energies.


Cristovão Brilho’s healing can be used for any type of physical, health and emotional ailments, which are able to be healed if you are ready to accept the healing. We are here to provide you with hope and with every possibility of obtaining a healing. It is not up to the healer to discriminate who or when one will heal. The treatment is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment. Please do not discontinue any treatment without medical consent. This treatment is meant to assist and aid with your current ongoing medical treatment. How safe is a healing session?


A distance healing is safe and it can never harm you in any way. Cristovão works with energies of the highest level and everything is done with consent of your higher self. We cannot force you to do anything against your will.Healing sessions for physical, mental and emotional challenges For centuries, energy healing has been used in different forms.


A healer can help you and your family's health with the highest level of vibrational healing energy. Distance healings can assist you with your physical body and also with emotional and mental challenges. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other psychological or emotional troubles respond well to this type of healing. A healing session can help when it comes to issues regarding your day to day challenges, and your personal and spiritual growth. Lessons or circumstances that seem to come up again and again in your life are great subjects for a healing session as well.


Balance yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically and protect yourself against negative energy Once Cristovão cleanses your body of the negative energy, clear the blockages and place the energy in movement you will be able to observe much relief on all levels.


Any type of physical, emotional or mental problem can be helped and relief felt as the healing takes place. With continuity, you can experience the symptoms alleviating on your physical, mental and emotional bodies and an improvement, as well, of the underlying causes of the condition. This results in greater health and harmony at all levels of your being. How long will it take for me to heal ? Time is something that can vary from person to person depending on the issue being treated. Your healing can be instantaneous, or it can take time for the healing to completely manifest. It really depends on what Cristovão discovers during your healing session, and how much is allowed by spirituality to heal during the session. Some of the improvements you can expect Prevention of future new illnesses

  • Assistance in clearing past traumas

  • Helps to clear or alleviate chronic pain

  • Clear past life traumas

  • Emotional balance

  • Expansion of the consciousness

  • Increase in energy

  • Release stress

Spiritual healing can change your health or relationship for the better. Assistance and healing is possible for a very large number of physical, mental and emotional ailments. Healing energy can improve your personal or professional problems or conflicts.

The personal remote treatment harmonizes you, your family or your environment naturally. Cristovão’s assistance is not only limited to those with various symptoms of illnesses but it can be of a great help to all who require spiritual support in one form or other.

Energy Healing can assist you in many areas of your life such as: Any type of illness Relationships Prosperity Addictions Focus, Concentration, and Clarity Work related issues School related issues Request a healing now Cleanse and protect yourself from negative energies, re vitalize your body, clear emotional and spiritual issues As Cristovão works in removing negative energy and blocks from your energetic bodies and places the stagnant energies into movement you will automatically start feeling the relief. Once Cristovão is able to isolate the energies of the emotional and spiritual bodies from the physical body you can protect your health from the attacks of your emotional and spiritual imbalances. You can feel inner and mental peace and a new strength to move on with your life. As you maintain yourself balanced you can obtain greater health and harmony at all levels.



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Instituto Cristovao Brilho

2100 Coral Way Suite 605
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