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See Interview with Cristovao Brilho and Testimonials in Univision's Primer Impacto on December 6, 2011.

(Is in Spanish)




LORRAINE P. - Testemonial

I am so grateful.  Saturday Pete went to the ER for the Flu and they also did an Xray.  The Xray showed the tumor in the whole part of his lower lung and it looked larger.  Today he had a CAT scan and nothing showed.  No scar tissue either.  Nothing at all.  The doctor said he doesn't believe in miracles but if he did this would be one of them.  He has practiced medicine for 30 years + and has never seen anything like this.   With much gratitude Cristovao for working with Pete.  Thank you   Thank you.

Lorraine P - May, 2017



JULIA A. - Testemonial

Through my testimonial, I would like to get more people to believe in Dr. Fyeer and, therefore, seek treatment and be healed, like my son.
In December 2010, I heard about Cristóvão Brilho from an esteemed acquaintance, who had been treated by him and had had a considerable improvement in their impaired vision.
At that time, Matheus, my eleven-year-old and eldest son, would start a difficult treatment with the only ophthalmologist to give me hope for his condition. Matheus had been diagnosed with amblyopia in his left eye. Amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye”, is a very serious disease if not treated early. As to Matheus, since his disease was not detected before he was 7 years old, the doctors always told me that his case was hopeless and that it was too late to treat him.
As the treatment Matheus was about to start would be too long and stressful and there was no guarantee that the condition would be reversed, I decided to give the Astral World some credit and go see Cristóvão Brilho and Dr. Fyeer before starting the treatment. So, Matheus and I went to Cristóvão Brilho Institute here in Rio de Janeiro. When we got there , I did not know what to expect, nor did I imagine an instant cure. I did believe though, that after the spiritual surgery and some ingestion of crystal-energized water, my son would gradually recover his vision.
To my surprise, when we left the institute, I asked him if he felt some improvement, to which he replied: "I'm good, mom!”, and then I said: “Good? You mean you can see a little bit better, isn’t that so?” Then Matheus replied: “No, mom! I am really cured! I can see better with my left eye now!” After that, I replied apathetically: “Ok, cool!”
Gosh, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I swear it did not impress me at that moment. I thought it was like a “kid thing”, or just his fertile imagination working to his own advantage because he really wanted to be cured or because of his willingness to please me. Truth is, I did not believe him!
Then, coming back to the real world, still in the car, on our way home, I started testing him with the right eye covered and the “lazy” one open. The test consisted of counting fingers at a distance. Folks, before the spiritual surgery, Matheus could only count fingers correctly if they were placed inches in front of him! Well, I went on with the tests and was very surprised to see that even though I was increasing the distance, he would always be able to count the right number of fingers!!
When I recognized the blessing we had received, I screamed with joy, honked, hugged him, and kissed his eyes. Then in the midst of this euphoria, he made this funny comment: “You know, mom. I thought my recovering was not that important for you because when I said that I could see everything, you did not care!” I laughed at what he said and explained what had gone through my mind. But, it was absolutely true that I had not believed him! After that, at a parking lot, we did some more tests at a distance of 50 to 66 feet, and he passed all of them!
When we got home, my husband was amazed. We called everyone we knew, even Matheus’s ophthalmologist, who, unlike me, believed the story immediately. The doctor was so impressed that he even asked me for Cristóvão’s contact number so he could give it to his other patients.

The grace of healing can happen to you too. Be sure to go see Cristóvão Brilho and Dr. Fyeer the next time they come to Rio or São Paulo. If you cannot attend a public session, take the distance healing treatment.
As to me, I want to hereby leave my grateful testimonial and reassure that I will always attend the public healing sessions at the institute and will always take Matheus, Billy (my youngest son), friends, relatives, and as many other people as I can so we can all get healed!
Thank you very much Cristóvão!!!! Thank you very much Dr. Fyeer!!!

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - 02/2011



F. de Montesquieu, MD - testimonial

Dear Mr. Brilho,

Over a year ago I went to your office in desperation: My only child, a healthy 23 year old professional athlete, extraordinary human being, finishing his PhD in Aeronautical Engineer, was extremely ill; without a precise diagnosis. It all began from eating a common sandwich from an ordinary chain food store.
I believe he saw you 3 times. On our last visit you told him his illness was do to a choice he himself was doing based on a disappointment related to the physical life; his high spiritual level did not want to accept the physical lower reality, that only he could change the situation, no one else could do it, and his decision in the matter had to be respected.

As we left he was silent for few minutes then he said: “He is right in all he said…Now let’s go for pizza”. And after eating a pizza on that day (he who could not digest even water without intensive pain) his digestion was fine, and pain free.

He passed away and I was destroyed. What healed my soul was God Himself. I am a physician of many years, but my faith in God, a God of Love, has never been incompatible with science, and actually the opposite has been true. An entire year of Spiritual Therapy has brought me back to life.

I wanted to see you to express my thanks for what you did. My son is with God, doing his mission. But, at no time during those 2 months of his illness I thought he would die. Even during his last hours. Your explanation to my son contributed to how his passing proceeded: <span style="text-decoration: underline;">At no time whatsoever there was the smaller trace of fear or emotional suffering from him; actually he would smile happily assuring me all is perfectly positive. I misunderstood his messages thinking he was recuperating. My career has brought me face to face with death, but this is the first and only time I witness an approaching death with such positive assurance. During every day of his illness I was by his side 24 hours/ 7 days a week. Let’s don’t forget his age 23, and his health history: never ever any illness, even a simple headache only once, never a common tooth caries.

I understood at the moment of his death that my child chose to work in the spiritual realm; but my mind only understood it; to transfer that understanding to my heart took me exactly on year of intense therapy. Last year I expected and desired to join my child, all earthly interest faded out. Now I have return to continue my spiritual path in the physical world.
Thank you Cristovão for a most valuable assistance to my child. God’s continue blessings in your work,

F. de Montesquieu, MD - Miami, FL - 8/2004

Kathy R. - testimonial

I have attended 3 sessions over the past 3 months and recently noticed that I my Jaw (TMJ ) has healed...I have had restrictive opening of my mouth and been unable to have dental work completed for 15-20 years....I was told my jaw was calcified and only experimental surgery could help ...Lost all my back teeth from grinding.........now I'm able to open my mouth (no pain) and can even move my jaw from side to side......also I am noticing swelling in my legs, especially around my ankles has gone.........so grateful for your work &amp; Dr. Fyeer's

Kathy R - Oviedo, FL 32765 1/18/05

Jasmine D. - testimonial

Hello, I have attended to of the metaphysical surgeries and the results have been astonishing. My doctors have begun to reduce all my medications and I feel great. I have so much energy. The water allows me to feel grounded.
Thank you and blessings

Jasmine D. - West Palm Beach

Willie M. - testimonial

I Willie M. testify that I have gotten physical healings in my body during the past three months that I’ve been seeing Christovao.
The first time I saw him the following happened: I had a small lump on my forehead, the size of a dime about a quarter inch high it had been there for about 18 years. Not growing, no pain, just there. After the first public visit and during the next 30 days it begin to swell and become inflamed and it stayed swollen for about 4 days. Then it opened and the fatty tissue came out. For a few days there was a hole where the lump had been and a few days after that the hole closed almost without a trace. I did nothing to prompt this episode from beginning to end.

The Second Public Visit


Since 1965, when I played football in high school I obtained a torn ligament in my right knee, I had always had problems with the right knee, they say it was because I didn’t allow them to operate.

While on vacation in Tennessee, August of 2005, I visited a waterfall. It was about a 150 feet to the first level. The friend I was with wanted to climb the side of the waterfall. I wouldn’t have attempted this before, however for the first time I had an inner knowing that I could do it. So I did, with great success. That night and the next day there was no pain or stress related to the climb. Amazing!

The Third Visit

After the following 30 days I lost 10 lbs without changing anything in my daily routine. By the way that was one of the things I had written down as a request.I am writing this at my fourth visit. 9/10/05, Delray Beach, FL


Kimberly S. - testimonial

My name is Kimberly S.
A couple of weeks ago I fell and twisted my knee. It was very very painful and it was getting worse each day. I started wearing a brace on it and I was debating going to see a doctor about it. Last week when Cristovoa was here I did not write anything on my paper as I always feel highest and best good. I did not even think about my knee but the next day my knee barely hurt. By Friday the pain was completely gone and has not returned. Needless to say I have been telling everyone and I am thrilled about this. Thank You so so much. Kim S.

West Palm Beach, FL

Jenny G. - testimonial

To put on record in front of God as a higher being and compassionate and all of you, of my faithful testimony of recovery from Dr. Fyeer, represented by Mr. Cristovao Brilho of my illness already cured thanks to the lives and souls of all of you that have a place very special in heaven. Thank you, thank you.
Here you have a house and a place in the Dominican Republic, we await you. Jennie G.


Donna L. - testimonial

Following are the details + remarkable results of my recoveries because of my Treatments with Cristovao Brilho/Dr. FyeerI under went Breast Cancer surgery in January 05; after finishing with radiation treatment I began to assist the Monthly Free Healing sessions, being consistent and not missing a month. Positive changes occurred in my daily life. My Oncologist sent me my lab results after 5 months from the radiation and also my starting date with Cristovao Brilho/Dr. Fyeer spiritual healings.

April 05. The Lab results had a handwritten note from my Doctor saying how she wished more people had similar results.My finances were improving, I had been using the available rituals sold at the Healing meetings and the “abundance” ritual opened up my finances, I was offered a better Job and by February 06, I began with the private “acceleration of energy” sessions from then on.This past April 08 the 5 year Cancer treatment I was in with oral medication; the side effects from that was horrible I was told by my Doctor to continue only with the mammograms and to stop the medicine, a 5 year breast cancer treatment finished in 3 years!!!!

My other big recovery started while I was still attending the free spiritual healing sessions for my Cancer while I noticed that my cravings for Alcohol were disappearing and I had been battling with the disease of Alcohol for over a decade, rehabilitation centers, anti-abuse, A.A. meetings. This past May 08 I took my 2 year medallion at my AA. Home group, and all time record in my life. I still go to AA meetings but not as often as before.

I still continue the monthly Acceleration of Energy treatments and now with the intention of leaving behind my dependency on prescription medicine for depression, and a couple of other pending health issues. Since 1987 I could only sleep with medication/pills since 2006 I am sleeping pill free!! Thank God for placing Cristovao Brilho/Dr. Fyeer on my path in life for my recovery and hope others that read my Testimony will put their fears aside and welcome a healthy new life. With deep appreciation and gratitude, Donna L.

P.S. Thank you Jane and all the lovely Volunteers for everything, sincerely D.L.
West Palm Beach, FL

Jannelle M.- testimonial

I am very greateful that I am here in this physical world and able to write this testimonial. I started going to Cristovao last year when I became pregnant and very sick. My mother had been a patient at Cristovao Brilho Institute for a while and kept asking me to go.

Cristovao and Dr. Fyeer worked on me directly and remotely while I was in the hospital for five months. After many surgeries, a heart transplant and a viral pneumonia I am recuperating very rapidly at home in the company of my family and my daughter.

I know that without Dr. Fyeer and Cristovao I would not be here today. Thank you to both!

Jannelle M. - Miami, FL

L.S. testimonial

My name is Lydia Santiago and my testimony is based upon a healing session with Cristovão Brilho. The first time I had a treatment I was healed from a stomach hernia that I have had for over ten years. The hernia was as hard as a rock and it dissolved that same night. I would like to give thanks to Cristovão and his master.


Orlando, Fl.


E. G. testimonial

My name is Edenia Genoris, resident of Hialeah, and I went to see Cristovão with a pain in my right ear that according to the specialist it was incurable. After my first treatment for my ear, all my pain and ringing was gone. Thank you. Upon my first time coming to Cristovão Brilho for my appointment I expelled a kidney stone in my bathroom and within one week I expelled three more. I am very grateful.

Hialeah, Fl.


S. G. testimonial

My doctors cannot believe it. My kidney disease is now reversed. My blood pressure is now normal. I can eat anything I want and before I was going to need a transplant. Thank you.

Miami, Fl.


C. P. testimonial

I thank God for having been able to give this testimonial. Around eight years ago I started to suffer from panic attacks and depression and I did not know what was wrong with me at the time. After a while I went to the doctor and I was prescribed a sedative, one pill in the morning and one at night. But, soon that was not enough and the panic attack was worst. I could have six or seven a day. I was afraid to become addicted and my life was a nightmare. By that time I was mostly at home afraid to drive, to be alone in the house, to take care of my grandson. I was losing the ability to function. Then one day, about one and a half years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Cristovão Brilho and Dr. Fyeer. I went to see Cristovão as a last resort, but I thank God that I did. After the first therapy, no more pills. I have not taken any for almost two years and I now enjoy my grandchildren and my work. I am a new person physically and emotionally. My gratitude goes to Cristovão for making it possible for me to be cured by Dr. Fyeer, and to Dr. Fyeer and all the other masters. Thank you for all your help. And to Jane  thank you for your support and your kindness. God bless you all.

Miami, Fl.

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