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Cristovão Brilho



Cristovão Brilho was a very successful attorney who chose to leave his position as the director of a large company in order to dedicate his life completely to his spiritual journey. Cristovão is nationally and internationally renowed for his assistance in healing those who seek cures for their illnesses.


The American magazine “National Examiner”, in its edition of July 2003, regarded him as one of the four greatest mediums in the world. Cristovão Brilho, the author of many books and cd’s, was also named by the “Jornal do Brasil” (09/18/2004) as the “Lord of the crystals”.


Cristovão, while guided by Dr. Fyeer (a spiritual doctor from another dimension) performs spiritual surgeries and treatments on the energy bodies using the power of his hands and crystals as his healing instruments.


Learn more about the Optia System.




See Interview with Cristovao Brilho and Testimonials in Univision's Primer Impacto on December 6, 2011.

(the Interview is in Spanish)


Works published by Cristovão Brilho



Cristovão has been named by the media as “one of the top four healers in the world”. Cristovão Brilho is a metaphysician from Brazil who has been on this path since the age of fifteen. Cristovão, an attorney by profession, left the business world 10 years ago to pursue his life mission in healing and helping mankind.



The work of Cristovão Brilho is guided by Masters from Optia, a galactic system composed of five planets and one star, located 195 billion light years away from the planet Earth.


These are beings of pure light and not the spirit of someone who has previously incarnated on the planet Earth.The main Master who guides the work of Cristovão Brilho is Dr. Fyeer and Dr. Fyeer has as His Cosmic Mission to develop and implement healing techniques for the planet Earth.


All of Cristovão’s products were developed under the guidance of Optia and Dr. Fyeer thus bringing to this planet technique already in use in other parts of the Universe however never applied before on this Planet.Cristovão Brilho works out of his Institutes both in Brazil and in the United States.


He is currently available for private sessions in Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida. Cristovão and his Masters place themselves at your disposal. They are always available to be of assistance to mankind. You can count on them.


A beam of light.

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Instituto Cristovao Brilho

2100 Coral Way Suite 605
Miami, FL  33145

Ph: (786) 295 8665